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A review for Kiss cut stickers by Paul Bens.

Order Waaaaaaay in advance

Paul Bens

Dateline: September 5, 2012 - here's the story, the good and the bad. I ordered the stickers in July. More than 2 and 1/2 months before the event for which I needed them. Easy order. Artwork uploaded easily. Proof came back fast. Proof was perfect.

2 and 1/2 weeks later...stickers arrive. Beautiful print job, but the bottom border was completely cut off. Contact customer service. Fast response. Nice people. Helpful. I sent them pictures and got a quick email back. "We've identified the probelm. We'll reprint them for you."

1.5 weeks later I needed to follow up to see if the fix-order had shipped as the day they told me it would ship came without a word. Fast response. Couple days later fix order arrives. With the *exact* same problem. It was like nothing had been changed and no one had looked at the finished product before shipping it out.

Another email to customer service. Again fast and nice. "It's a problem with our machine. We'll reprint." I'm ok with this as there is still time before the event.

Cut to last I was told they would ship comes and goes. No word. Email to customer service. Fast and nice response. "They haven't shipped but will tomorrow. Will upgrade shipping to 2 days."

Cut to to customer service as still no notification of shipment. Fast response. They shipped and will arrive tomorrow.

Today - 1 week from event: Order arrived. Still a beautiful print job. Now the border on the bottom is significantly bigger than on the sides or the top. No more time to mess with this. I'll make due but it isn't what the proof showed and I'm disappointed. ultimate reaction...way too much hassle to get imperfect labels. Yes, the reproduction of the artwork is really nice, but 3 tries? And still not exactly right?

Kudos to customer service folks who were always really prompt and helpful (although emails when the fix orders shipped would have been nice so I didn't have to keep emailing). Except for the finished product and all the hassle to get even close to what I wanted border wise...not worth the time and energy.

So, purchase here again? Not in a million years.

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