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Shuts down on about feed after 10 minutes while using.


When you are in auto feed mode it shuts down after 10 minutes of use while using. I was sent another one and it does the same thing. Fix and I will start using again. Just sits on the shelf now. I mail out about 150 packages a week and this would have been nice for my thank you labels.

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Seriously considering sending this back...


Setup was challenging, and though the instructions kinda make sense once operational...this isn't working the way I thought it would. I have a feeling it's the sensor placement. In manual mode, I would peel a label and the next one would pop up...and then maybe the third one in, SIX of them would roll off and I felt like Lucille Ball at the chocolate conveyor belt. Also, in order to threa... Read more

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Very Convenient

Shamoy Anderson

The best decision I made was to purchase this label dispenser. It cuts back so much time on the labeling process for me. Labeling 300-500 bottles manually would normally be so aching but this machine has made it way more convenient for me.

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Wont power on.

Barrett Black

Need someone to contact me because the item will not power on out of the box.

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Amanda Blackstock

I'm not sure if my stickers are not compatible with this machine or what the issue is, but out of 20+ stickers that I used yesterday, it only properly fed 1. The second sticker almost shot off but I could save it. The rest of the times, it either didn't feed at all, or started in an infinite loop and wasted over a dozen of my stickers because they piled on top of each other (happened multiple t... Read more

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Works great, priced great!


I have been looking at semi-automatic label dispensers for a while now, but they were just too $500+. I got the email announcement for this product and ordered one the next day. The Sticker Mule dispenser is a bargain and does exactly what it's supposed to do. I just finished stickering 500 product boxes and using the label dispenser was about 4x faster than doing it by han... Read more

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Label Dispenser

Hatchet Coffee

The automatic shut-off is no good. Is there a way to disable this? Otherwise, I recommend taking this off for future machines.

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So far works great

Terry Morris

Quite a bit larger than I was expecting and this was a little bit of an issue for my tiny over cluttered shop. So far tough seems to work great. I always use your labels and 1 issue I have always had was sometimes they are near impossible to remove cleanly from the backing (like when the kiss cut is just a hair deep and the backing rips instead) but so far the label dispenser has eliminated ... Read more

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Beep Boop


We just love the cute sounds this darn thing makes.

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Big But Helpful


At first glance out of the box, it looks gigantic - but it's designed to hold many sizes of labels, which it does. Initial setup is very simple, the magnet 'key' that holds the end of the roll is a great implementation. ** Remember when ordering labels to use the "orientation" option set to TOP, so they come off the roll the right way up! Now...mine initially wouldn't switch on, however after ... Read more