So close to impeccable but...

Vela Roots

I uploaded my logo image, in the comments I asked them to try to center it as much as possible (my cropping skills are crap lol). The proof looked great - as symmetrical as Denzel Washington's face :) howeverrrr, when the custom label samples arrived most were out of alignment by a teensy bit. NOT significantly noticeable if you're not staring at it like at hawk, but for someone with perfectionist tendencies it makes me minorly cringe. The reason for 4 stars is bc I ordered the same item in another color to compare & contrast my company colors etc and that one was waaaay better aligned (still off a little bit but that one was almost the epitome of a perfect label). I will say this is exactly why I loveeee that they offer the economic custom samples. Small businesses appreciate it d love to be able to add images to reviews.

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