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When i first saw i was getting this sent for free, i thought to myself, "oh my, can it be true? Is my favorite sticker company now in the sauce game?!" It turned out it was true! and the sauce is amazing! I will say it tasted better than the stickers I tried putting on my nachos last week, thank you sticker mule!!

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This stuff will set the roof on fire, the roof of your mouth!!!

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Smooth and Sweet Mule Sauce

I love this sauce, it goes well on burgers, pizza and anything else you might want to spice up.

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Free awesome mule sauce

I thought this was the best. I loved getting free hot sauce

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Call it Sweet Sauce with a bit of kick!

I was excited to try Mule Sauce, but was instantly disappointed by its overwhelming sweetness. I like my hot sauces fiery hot with robust vinegar-sourness, but this sauce is mainly sweet with a bit of spicy kick. If Mule decides to remove most of the sugar content, I think the sauce would be really good.

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Pretty Good

I was really excited to see this bottle of Mule Sauce when i opened up my order of stickers. When i opened it and smelled it smelled really good. I then put it on a fajita burrito that i had for lunch and was a little disappointed. The flavor was good, but the texture was a little heavy and "tomato paste" tasting. I will definitely use the entire bottle because its a 4 out of 5. I guess that ... Read more

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this hot sauce kicks ass!

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Stubborn to try, Satisfied I Did

First Words after tasting.... WOW... Ladies and gentlemen, I'm a young up and coming chef and entrepreneur. I've been working in a restaurant since I was 15. I've tasted an ungodly amount of awful food in my life time. And well, I've also created a lot of bad food in my life time. Hot foods, sauces and other spicy recipes are an incredible part of our culture here in America... And this incredi... Read more

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This is very good - it's got a great flavor and a good zippy spiciness to it! Nice work guys!

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Awesome Sauce!

This hot sauce is amazing! Such a great idea to include with orders.I was pleasantly surprised with an extra bonus with my recent order. Thank you Stickermule!