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That's a spicy!

Great tasty, lasting flavor Not at hot as you think

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It does kick ass

I enjoyed the mule sauce. I like that it heats up early and fades away smoothly. A pleasant amount of spice. It’s worth the price.

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Good flavor.

It's got a good kick but also has a good blend of flavor. Sweeter than most hot sauces but it works well in this blend.

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It's eh and weird ish

Kinda taste like cotton candy hot sauce

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Great flavor and heat combination !!! But you'll never know till you try it.

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Tastes good

Pretty funny for a sticker company to have a hot sauce but I liked it

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We LOVE this sauce!

We kind of stumbled onto the mule sauce by accident after using for our business marketing needs. My husband tried the sample bottle and was hooked. It beats everything we’ve tried and we have to order several bottles at a time to keep it in our house!

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It’s a good sauce, just not hot

I wish it spicy! I still eat with lunch at work all the time

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Really Good!

Amazing hot sauce with a hint of sweet before the kick! Loved it =)

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Great sauce!

We love the sauce