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Chelsea Rottet

It's a sweet heat. Very good.

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Mule Sauce

Nicklaus Strecker

Everyone who gets a bottle likes the Mule Sauce!

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Seriously, Hot Sauce?


GTFOH, how can an awesome printing company provide such great service and quality products AS WELL AS ACTUALLY DELICIOUS HOT SAUCE!?!?

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Quality stickers

Krista Timm

Quality stickers with fast shipping and we even received a free bottle of mule sauce!

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Greggory Wood

Delicious and I appreciate the gift of Mule Sauce!

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Great surprise, ordered more

Emma T Southee

Was happily surprised to get a free bottle with my order of key chains, buttons and stickers for an event. The sauce was very tasty. We enjoyed it enough we would come back to order it even if we weren't having anything printed. In fact, I did come back just to order more bottles and a handful of keychains for Christmas stocking gifts!

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Hot stuff


Hot with great taste

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It really…

Robb Zipp

kicks the llama’s ass.

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Good but just wish it was spicier

Lena Askari

Good but needs more of a kick!

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Ashleigh Fortier

I didn't think a free hot sauce by a sticker company would be so good. I use it on everything.