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Great sauce!

This was big hit in my house. My sons loved it most!

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a Gentle Loving Kick to the Face

When you get the bottle and you see the kind of no-frills packaging with the little pepper infographic telling you how hot the sauce is going to be, no to mention being able to see the thick consitency through the glass (this sauce has legs!) you can assume you're in for some sting and sweat. It's like seeing a kick coming and that weird face you make when you're about to flinch and try to roll... Read more

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I love this ####!

This sauce is clearly the best thing since sliced bread...everyone needs to have some of this and have it take the place of their regular hot sauce.

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Honestly it's a little weird to be buying hot sauce from a sticker company

...but it's one of my wifes favorites so I do it anyhow.

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Just the right amount of heat and sweet

I love Tabasco and now I love Mule Sauce. Great on everything from scrambled eggs to ice cream. Hell yeah!

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Very Happily Surprised!

I was a little concerned about ordering the Mule Sauce for two reasons, first, it's a sticker company selling hot sauce and second, the ingredients sounded like it could be very hot. I'm not a huge fan of "heat" but reading other reviews made it really want to bite the bullet and buy it. I am VERY HAPPY I took the leap! It had really good flavor, a mix of sweet and heat of a near perfect combin... Read more

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It's Just ok

I received a free bottle of Mule Sauce in my order which was a great surprise! Unfortunately, it's not the sauce for me. I was expecting something similar to Tapatio or Cholula but it's not even close. It's pretty bland, kind of sweet and not hot at all. Similar to a watered down version of Taco Bell's Mild sauce. I tried it on eggs, pizza, sandwiches and fries and I didn't care for it on any o... Read more

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Good stuff

It has a great sweet finish.

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new favorite hot sauce

This hot sauce is my new favorite hot sauce. It has the perfect amount of heat with a touch of sweetness and smokiness. I actively seek out things to put hot sauce on just so I can add the flavor of the Mule Sauce. I don't know that I've ever had a better hot sauce. And I'm not joking. I have bought about 20 different hot sauces in the past year, and this one easily surpasses every one.

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I remember the first time I tried Mule Sauce. I won a bottle, and that free bottle started a lifetime love affair with the best hot sauce known to man. It is the perfect sauce, and everyone who has tried it is equally in love with it.