It passed the Egg Test

Aaron Lindburgh

I ordered this bottle of Mule Sauce because everybody was like "oh my gosh, Mule Sauce! let's create a Tik Tok dance in its honor" and also "this Mule Sauce is so good, have my babies please!"

And I was like "if it's at least as good as Frank's, it will be worth the $8.00 in credit I spent because it was the last $8.00 in credit I had and you can only spend credit on orders of $30.00 or more so better go ahead and get it because I couldn't buy anything else for $8.00 to go along with the magnets, holo and car stickers I ordered with the $100 credit I won because I was one of their Guest Tweet winners. Did I mention I won? It's like they knew to price the bottle at $8 just for me."

So the Sauce, right? It's got a mix of Habanero, Ghost, and Scotch Bonnet peppers if memory serves (I'm at work and the hot sauce is not; a tragic mistake) and if your face is already melted off I would suggest you probably not buy this sauce EXCEPT!!!! It passed the Egg test.

I always try a new sauce alone first. Yes, my face melted a bit. But I got better.

I then added a few tiny drops to a plate of scrambled eggs. Nearly all the heat went away and the flavor was left behind, and it was delicious. To the point where I added even more hot sauce and what do you think happened next?

I finished all the eggs and the back of my head was pleasantly heated for about 10 minutes but my face did not melt.

That, my friends, is the egg test. If the sauce doesn't ruin a plate of eggs and I can still feel my face when I'm with you (but I love it, but I love it), the sauce is worth purchasing.

So purchase this sauce if you like scrambled eggs.

Like this? It's easy to order your own mule sauce too 🙂