I never ate it but...

Glenn Thatcher

I don't like hot sauce particularly but since i have been ordering from stickermule I ended up with a bunch of bottles. So after several started to pile up I needed a solution to find them a home. One day by coincidence me and the UPS guy were talking while he was unloading a bunch of packages for me. I asked him if he liked hot sauce and he said he loved hot sauce. He even went as far to critique ever hot sauce ever bottled - we had like 18 boxes being delivered.

So it turned out one of the boxes was from stickernule and I quickly opened it and gave the hot sauce to him. Low and behold the next big delivery he commented how much he liked it. I asked if he wanted the rest of the bottles and he did, so I gave him all but one. His praise got me curious so I tried some. Nothing changed for me I still don't particularly like hot sauce.

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