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Pleasantly sweet, but not too much

Not too hot, but has a nice flavor

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Good sauce for wings

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Food Critic

Had the kick that was needed for this sauce

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Great hot sauce

It has a nice kick and a sweet flavor. Overall it was a delicious sauce. If I had to critique, it would be to have a habenero flavor and spicier.

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Good decent sauce

Bought this for my husband. He likes hot stuff. He liked the flavor. Said it had a nice heat. He puts it on everything!

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Its a winner!

We’re pretty picky about our hot sauce. We won’t say its good if its not. This sauce is great! We really love it! Pairs well with just about anything you would enjoy hot sauce on. Im even more critical than my husband, I want great flavor, not just heat. This sauce delivers!!

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Yeeee Hawwww

Just right spice. With a rich flavor.

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Hot Sauce From a Sticker Company? Yass!!

I honestly thought I was being Rick-Rolled when I received a message from Sticker Mule regarding a hot sauce they were pushing. Do whaaa? Pulled the trigger and placed my order of Mule Sauce at a reasonable price. The bottle is wonderfully labeled (no surprise there) and it’s the perfect size. We made enchiladas a few nights later, and tried out the sauce. It was surprisingly good! I... Read more

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Boyfriend loves this and now wants more!

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I was not expecting much, but I was blown away!

Combine the worlds 3 best flavored peppers and a slight sweetness and you get the perfect hot sauce! I have a cabinet with no less then 50 hot sauces, and this is in the top 3!