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More Sweet than Hot

I found the sauce to have barely any heat, especially considering the peppers that were name-dropped in the description. It was super sweet, and didn't really have a home on the street tacos we made. I thought it was a bit better as a dipping sauce for some fried chicken strips, but even then I think I'd rather just go with traditional buffalo sauce.

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Too sweet

A legit sauce with a good kick but way too much sweet to complement the savory flavors

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Love the mule!

Great on wings!! Nice spice, but very flavorful!!!

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I purchased this product because I love hot sauces and they had a $1 promotion. I figured I had nothing to lose. I was plwasan surprised how good it was. I am definitely a fan. I typically write reviews if a product sucks. This product was so good I had to share my opinion. #fanforlife!

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Good all around sauce for the whole family.

This sauce is mild and not too spicy. Even the kids could enjoy it. With just a few dabs to put a kick into any dish. It's a pretty standard/typical hot sauce. Thanks to sticker mule for offering it. The sticker was awesome quality as usual!

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Best Damn Hot Sauce


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A fantastic hot sauce!

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Spicy, flavorful, and balanced.

Great sauce, bought it on a whim. I only saw great reviews, I love hot sauce so I wasn't worried about what I would be getting. It listed Habaneros, Yellow scotch bonnet, and Bhut jolokia (Ghost peppers). I immediately read the ingredients to get an idea of what to expect. I saw two sweet ingredients listed as the 3rd/4th ingredients, so I wasn't worried about it. Tasted it, and its amazing.... Read more

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Very sweet with mild heat

This sause has a nice BBQ kind of taste which is a bit sweet for my taste and could use some more heat. It's a nice sauce to use on just about anything that needs some sweeting up.

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Best hot sauce on the planet!

This is hands down my favorite hot sauce! I put that $#*t on everything! Check me out on Instagram @bigboycebbq to see some of the things I do with mule sauce!