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Great Hot Sauce...but.

This has a wonderful flavor, but... The hot sauce it too hot for me to use. Full Disclosure: I'm kind of a sissy.

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Little too hot

The sauce has great taste but is quite a bit too hot for me!

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I absolutely love sticker mule hot sauce

This kick ass mule sauce has just enough kick and the right amount of flavor for any hot sauce aficionado.

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Really yummy!

So I don't normally post reviews for things I order, but I really had to mention it here, because WOW. I really enjoy this Mule Sauce much more than I do with typical sriracha! It's fairly spicy, and has extra hints of a sort of tangy, almost "lemony" flavor to it for me. I'm definitely going to be ordering some more soon once I finish my current bottle (which is already proving to not be too m... Read more

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Love the sauce on everything. Perfect spice level.

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Can't use the Mule Sauce

Thank you for the free Mule Sauce, but I can't use it because it has sugar in it.

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The Hot sauce is delicious!

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Mule sauce

Going to use it for birthday present, son in law likes hot sauce.

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Very Surprised

Lets be honest, this is a sticker company that started selling hot sauce what do you expect. I did not expect much but turns out it was one of the best I have tasted. I like hot but not so hot it completely overpowers any other taste. This has a great heat level (and I like hot) with a touch of sweetness. I'll be getting more (Labels & Sauce)

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Yummy Mule Sauce

I really liked the mule sauce. It is a very different and unique flavor. It is spicy, but also has this special kick to it that adds a lot of flavor. I really want to try it on chicken wings or something. I have had it on burritos so far, and it is really good. Thanks for sending us some!