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Absolutely delicious

I never thought I would be happy to spend $8 on a bottle of hot sauce, but I will never question this purchase. This stuff does not taste like any other hot sauce I've ever had. There are unique flavors in here I was completely unfamiliar with.

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Awesome sauce

Good kick of sweet heat

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Mule Sauce DOES Kick Ass (in a joyful way)!!

This is the best hot sauce ever!! Most excellent blend of chillies, thick consistency, delicious flavor, it puts Frank’s Red Hot to shame, that stuff is like piss compared to Mule Sauce! Congrats and great job on this unique recipe. Now, I know your plan, get everyone hooked on it & then make it pricey!!!

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Stick to stickers

My sauce never arrived. And when I tried to make a complaint about it all I got was silence. However my $1 dollar sample pack did arrive. What kind of sick joke is that. A $1 dollar pack arrived and a $8 Dollar bottle of sauce didn't. Stick to the stickers they actually show up.

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Best Hot Sauce

I ordered this hot sauce when there was a promotion. Since then, we’ve already ordered again! Everyone we’ve had try it, loves it! I laughed at first, that a sticker company was making hot sauce. It’s a little funny. You should laugh while you place an order

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Da Bomb!

Sweet and spicy - seriously so delicious. I've been using it on tacos and chicken/rice lunches. Come out with more sauces PLEASE!!

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Good Stuff!

I had it sent to my client with their order. They said it was Good Stuff! Glad they enjoyed it.

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Sweet and Spicy

As a hot sauce fanatic, I honestly didn't have high expectations for this sauce seeing that they make stickers and stuff here. But let me stop there on that. I seriously enjoyed this bottle of sauce, and I've practically finished it on my own in two weeks. I top it on everything that I think would be good with a sweet spicy hit. It is fairly sweet, but not overly so. It's not tart like many ... Read more

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Sweet & Spicy

Really good on beef sticks, pizza, tacos, burritos.. I think I'm saying it's really good on pretty much anything that is food. Would recommend to anyone.

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Surprisingly VERY good

I have a high tolerance for heat and even so, this is pretty spicy (which I love). Heat doesnt stay forever in your mouth or with any bad after taste. Really good and over all would buy again.