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Unexpected Mule Sauce

Did not order the sauce. Got it in my sticker order. V excited for this sauce, it is bangin’.

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surprisingly good

i was honestly taken back by how good the flavor was. i feel you’d be able to really see it if it wasn’t so attached to the sticker mule name some how though i think people coming to you for stickers may see it as gimmicky or random which is a shame cause the sauce is different then any i’ve tasted and i’ve had a lot of hot sauce in my day. i hope it catches on well for you guys it deserves it

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Honestly great hot sauce

I'm a fan of hot sauces and always enjoy trying new ones. I came across this one unexpectedly and figured I'd give it a shot. I was pleasantly surprised! It has a great flavor and a nice kick to it. Ended up ordering 6 bottles.

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Kick Ass

It has a nice flavor to it

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Love this Stuff

I got this sauce free with my purchase. I was expecting a .5 oz bottle. I was so pleasantly surprised to receive a full-size bottle of hot sauce! It's also delicious and has the perfect spicy kick.

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Kickin Ass.....

Loved the instant new fav

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Quality, Quick, Lightning fast

Nothing wrong with this process!!! Satisfied.

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Way better than expected from a sticker company!

Hot sauce was great, nothing outrageously hot. Good flavor with a sweetness that was nice. Well done

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Mule Sauce is great!

With my last order, they sent me a complimentary bottle of Mule Sauce. It's not something I would've order on my own, but I was surprised at how tasty it was. I put it on some soft chicken tacos and it added a nice flavor with a little kick, but not overly spicy. I would definitely recommend to others.

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Right spice profile

It's nicely crafted. Spicy enough to leave an impression, but it didn't make me cry, so that's nice.