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good sauce

has a very fruity profile and not too vinegary. First bit is hot, but it does not build up on you. I had it on tortilla chips straight-up and liked it. Not too hot even after a dozen or more soaked chips. Tried it on Costco chicken too. I'll be finishing off my bottle and getting another.

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I love this sauce. It has quickly become one of my favorites!

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Got this free with an order of stickers for cyber Monday, so tastey!

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Great sauce

Really fantastic sauce... but I didn't come to your site to order sauce.

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Mule Sauce

This is my husband's new favorite. He puts it on everything. The mule sauce has quite a kick. Thumbs up.

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We were sauce from a sticker company?

And now we're hooked, wishing there was an auto-ship option or gallon-size jug. This sauce is the perfect blend of sweet and spicy and goes great on EVERYTHING.

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Studio favorite!

I share a studio space with about 23 other senior illustration majors who also use sticker mule and we love this hot sauce!

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Smokin’ Deal !

You said it was a smoking deal, they were joking. Hot pepper medoly.

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good hot sauce alternative

Folks that are into Tabasco style hot sauces will love Mule sauce,less vinegary and more flavorful. I used it on morning eggs,burritos and even Thai stir fry. P.S.I'm Mexican (aka hot sauce snob)

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Mule Sauce That Kicks Ass

I think it's great! To be honest, I was expecting it to be 'just another hot sauce' that tasted like another rendition of Frank's. I was surprised by the sweetness of it, but I love it! I love adding a little spice to my dishes, or just my own plate. I had a rather tasteless salad the other day and decided to put a few dashes of Mule Sauce on there. It added just the right amount of heat, and s... Read more