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Packed full of flavor!

We tried this for the first time and will be back for more when it runs out. This sauce is so flavorful and has just the right amount of kick. I never expected it to be that good from a printing company but I have been proven wrong!

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The Mule

Great sauce with just the right amount of heat.

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I’m not typically into hot sauce, but this one is super good. I like that it has a little sweetness to it instead of a strong vinegar taste (which is why I don’t like hot sauce.) It’s VERY spicy so I don’t need too much on some things, which makes it last longer for me. Yesterday I put some on scrambled eggs. I also put it on tacos. It’s good!

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Careful, very addictive!

I'm a guy that likes to try adding things to my food, so this was a perfect fit. At first I thot there was too much vinager, but then the heat 'kicks' in and there's more sweet pepper. One of my family said it reminds her of really spicy Catalina dressing?? We have lived in Mexico and they definitely know how to heat up their food! Mostly Habenero and Cerrano, so this is similar heat. I think t... Read more

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So good

I love it it is so good

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Mule Sauce... SO GOOD!

We really liked the mule sauce, what a nice kick!

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Pretty good with stew and beans

Who the hell thought of matching hot sauce with stickers. Check that guy hard core

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Tricks beyond spicy

Quite a flavorful sauce! I don't go for crazy hot types, and this is definitely on the higher end of what i can handle, but i appreciate it leads with a lot of flavor, then a sweetness, then of course, a big kick of spice to your butt.

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Rad sauce

This hot sauce is so tasty very hot and delish

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Delicious bonus

Getting this bottle of mule sauce was a bonus on top of some very high quality stickers. It does not disappoint. It is incredibly flavorful and has been good on everything from pizza to green beans. It doesn't seem that hot, but my roommate and I have been binging on a garlic Carolina reaper sauce for the last few months so our heat scale may be off.