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What a cute addition to my order!!

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Tried to Kick the Bottle - but I'm HOOKED!

Received a couple promotional bottles of Mule Sauce as well as the complimentary bottles added to some packages. This stuff is FIRE! Sweet at first but then you really start sweating! I've given a few of my extra bottles to friends, coworkers and family. Not one negative review yet!

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Definite KICK!!

I underestimated just how spicy this may be. This hot sauce definitely deserves a spot on the hot ones show. I initially tried it on a chicken wing and poured a lot on thinking it would be nothing. That kick though. Whew chile!! It’s powerful.

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What a delicious kick!

I'm not usually a fan of hot sauces, but this one really hit home for me. I got a good kick in the beginning, then it mellowed out as I kept chewing. Love that it packs a punch and does not burn your entire mouth after!

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Great sauce!!

Great for breakfast burritos

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Unexpected Mule Sauce

Did not order the sauce. Got it in my sticker order. V excited for this sauce, it is bangin’.

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surprisingly good

i was honestly taken back by how good the flavor was. i feel you’d be able to really see it if it wasn’t so attached to the sticker mule name some how though i think people coming to you for stickers may see it as gimmicky or random which is a shame cause the sauce is different then any i’ve tasted and i’ve had a lot of hot sauce in my day. i hope it catches on well for you guys it deserves it

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Honestly great hot sauce

I'm a fan of hot sauces and always enjoy trying new ones. I came across this one unexpectedly and figured I'd give it a shot. I was pleasantly surprised! It has a great flavor and a nice kick to it. Ended up ordering 6 bottles.

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Kick Ass

It has a nice flavor to it

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Love this Stuff

I got this sauce free with my purchase. I was expecting a .5 oz bottle. I was so pleasantly surprised to receive a full-size bottle of hot sauce! It's also delicious and has the perfect spicy kick.