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Tasty Heat !

Very tasty Hot sauce, with just the right amount of kick, without over powering the flavor of food. Not considered a Chile sauce, but a unique sauce all it's own.

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Totally Awesomesauce

We tried it on chicken. Yum!!

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Love it

I eat it on chips and love it. Definitely will order more

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Kick ass sauce

This sauce is the last thing I expected from a sticker’s good! Sweet right away then the heat comes on mildly. Delicious!

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Hot Stuff

Better than the stickers, and the stickers are awesome!

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Great sauce

This sauce is really kick ass!! Love it Thanks for adding some spice in my printing day.

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Good Quality Hot Sauce

A thick hot sauce, with a bright red color, and an evident pepper mash. A vinegary scent with a sweet leading flavor, somewhat fruity with a strong back spice. A high quality sauce all around.

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Sweet Heat Perfected!

I LOVE Mule Sauce! It starts out sweet, but the heat slowly slides in and covers your mouth as you go. It’s not an intense heat unless you have a very low spice tolerance, but you can definitely feel it and it builds the more you have. I’ve put it on eggs, chicken, tacos, breakfast sandwiches, and all other kinds of items and have yet to be disappointed. I’m on my fourth or fifth bottle now... Read more

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Didn't expect a killer hot sauce

Okay, so I didn't expect a custom print shop's hot sauce to be good... didn't mean to walk into this with a negative idea, but it kinda just happened. This stuff is delicious. Not good, DELICIOUS. I have put it on a number of things, and it continues to wow me. Not too hot, not to sweet, literally perfect. Great job!

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amazingly great

I got a free bottle with a magnet order and waited a few days to try it. This stuff is amazing! Perfect amount of heat with a nice hint of sweetness. My breakfast tacos have upped their game significantly thanks to Mule Sauce!