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Awesomeness in a bottle

This sauce is liquid fire. Just the right amount of spice and all the kick you want and then some. Hording the rest of my bottle like Gollum.

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Didn't Want To Say...

I feel bad about this and if you hadn't solicited my opinion I wasn't going to offer it. But I didn't like it and haven't used it again since the first time I tasted it. I've never come across a hot sauce with a sweet undertone before. I guess I'm not trying to put something sweet on the types of food I put hot sauce on. I really wanted to like this. guess I like a more vinegary hot sauce. ... Read more

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Tha good good

Has a nice kick! Can over power flavors at times, but pretty good overall.

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My New Favorite Sauce!

So in love with this sauce, I'm putting it on everything! Sticker Mule, you continue to amaze me!

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Taco Tuesday never been so delicious

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It's a kick!

I love this sauce! I got my first bottle as a promo item and thought, "This sticker company doesn't know what the hell they are thinking making a hot sauce." Boy, was I wrong. This stuff is legit. Has a sweet taste to it but also has a perfect blend of spiciness. Would highly recommend.

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Perfect mix of sweet and good heat.

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Meh. Great for intro price, but at full price, seems a bit steep.

For having supposedly habaneros, scotch bonnets, and ghost peppers found it quite mild compared to other sauces that tout the blazing peppers. Not really 'kick ass' but more 'pats bum'. High quality printing on the label, though.

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Great Flavor

this hot sauce kicked ass!

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I LOVE this sauce

I'm not what you might consider a hot sauce super fan. I find many hot sauces just some sort of strange form of masochism, overly hot but flavorless or even worse, just plain gross. Mule Sauce is both delicious, and has a delightful level of spice. Not too much, but enough to be fun and definitely add a kick to a meal. Treat yourself, get some of this sauce.