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Mule Sauce is legit!

The taste is incredible and although it "kicks ass" the heat will by no means ruin your life. The flavors paired great with the chicken, fish, and eggs I have used it on. No question my new "go-to" hot sauce!

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It's special!

A little drop in so many things and it just makes all the difference, with no calories! Definitely a must have in every fridge, I use it for literally all types of cuisine: Italian, Asian, Mexican, Chinese and more!

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Mule Sauce has quickly become a staple in my family's kitchen. It has a unique flavor that's a perfect combo of sweet and spicy. It adds a good amount of heat, but doesn't linger or overpower any dish.

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If you are bored of the usual flavors and want to add spiciness in your life, then the Mule Sauce is for you ... a few drops and you will enhance the flavors of your recipes. absolutely recommended

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Great taste!

A little heat, a lot of flavor… this hot sauce goes with ANYTHING. Mule Sauce is definitely going to be a staple in our house from now on!

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Why not?

Hot sauce from Sticker Mule? Why not? :D It was fun watching Vinny's recipes come to life, though I think I'll be skipping the frog legs.

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Got some kick to it

The hot sauce had a surprising amount of kick to it, so it was a welcome addition to my sauce collection

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but super delicious.

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This sauce is the real boss!

This stuff is amazing. I was hooked immediately it was so tasty. It's a shame it costs 8$ per bottle, I would've continued buying.