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No Mules were Harmed in the Making of this Sauce

Coming from a family that strictly used Tabasco Sauce or Sriracha Sauce on everything, this was a nice change. First tried it on some homemade Bison chili. The Mule Sauce added a nice back of the throat heat to it. In addition the sauce does have a sweetness that helped add to the chili's flavor. A little does go along way! The Mule Sauce itself is thick and not watered down like some of the o... Read more

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Bought for Husband

Husband is a big fan of hot sauces, or rather, “food additives” as he calls the ones he REALLY likes. Anyway, from one of my orders of stickers, he saw the Mule Sauce coaster sample and thought it was funny (We have Donkeys), so I bought them for him for Christmas. It’s not as super hot as he prefers, but, he has issues at work with people “borrowing” his super hot sauces and really regretting ... Read more

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Kick @** mule sauce

Recently received my order of Sticker Mule Sauce. Mule Sauce has a Nice kick of hot flavor but a good thing is it doesn’t have the after burn on the tongue like many other name brand hot sauces. Mule Sauce is VERY TASTY on burritos, pizza, chicken, beef and more. I have started adding a couple dabbs of Mule Sauce to my batches of taco and chicken tortilla soups. Da bomb! I recommend everyone ... Read more

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Tasty and Toasty

This sauce does indeed kick ass! The heat builds as you continue to pour it on, but it keeps its great flavor. Not vinegar-y if that's not your thing.

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Real Kick Ass Hot Sauce

This is truly a very kick ass hot sauce...that truly kicks ass!!

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My 2 boys are into hot stuff and they loved the flavor!

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Best sauce in the sticker game

Hands down. Highly recommended! Great flavor with just enough heat. We go through about a bottle a week so we are going to have to start ordering by the pallet.

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Made in NY city?

Great packaging and awesome flavor well done!

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This sauce is amazing

This is the second bottle I've had, and the first one went fast. This one will too. So good on so many things! Also I love that it is very low in sodium, most hot sauce is loaded with salt! This is one of the best tasting hot sauces I've ever had, definitely will be getting more!

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A Very Merry Gift with A Kick!

Received a free sample of Mule Sauce just before the Holiday Season just by interacting with Sticker Mule on Twitter. Boy, does this Sauce Kick! If you have a taste for the spicier things in life, this sauce is a sweet taste to start, but then slowly warms your whole body.