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Best hot sauce


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Hot &.Spicy

I love the mule sauce. It has just enough heat and enhances the flavor of any food you put it on, it's very good. I would recommend mule sauce to all my family and friends.

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surprisingly delicious!

Solid mix of tasty peppers in this and not just focused an the novelty of setting your mouth on fire! thank you!

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Mule sauce is good

I enjoyed it not too hot and very tasty

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Was very surprised!

I got a bottle of Mule Sauce with my last order and was very surprised how good it is. It has a sort of citrus flavor which flows into a nice heat. Excellent, and I will order another bottle when I finish this one. Also, this is a contender as a gift!

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Terrific Sauce!

Great combination of “heat” and flavor.

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Spice World!

Just a few drops goes a long way.

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Beloved by a 16-year-old with a fiery mouth

Beloved by a 16-year-old with a fiery mouth! This sauce is one of our son’s favorites. To put this into perspective, this is the kid who won the cross country with us and had to stop at different places to either try and/or buy various hot sauces. The kid grows his own ghost peppers, if that puts it into perspective for you.

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Best sauce ever!

We were sceptical at first... a hot sauce from a sticker company?! And boy were we wrong! This is the best hot sauce we’ve ever eaten! Our entire business thinks so!! We put this sauce on everything!!

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Awesome Mule Sauce

Love Mule Sauce..I dont do hot sauces cause of the burn lol..Hubby LOVES MULE SAUCE and he got me to try it... I was amazed at the flavors and then the subtle heat. Usually jot sauces burn so much i never have flavor only the heat. Mule sauce isnt like that. I tasted and Awesome Flavor before the heat which wasnt so intense i couldnt eat it.. Hubby and I are Both Happy I found and actually w... Read more