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It’s okay

Not my type of hot sauce... but I appreciate the free bottle :)

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brining the heat

The Mule Sauce is so good! It's got a nice heat that doesn't cancel out the flavor of the spices!

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not sure about this because it wasn't in my package

I ordered coasters - highly recommend and will be ordering many more! Was supposed to get a mule sauce thrown in but it wasn't in the package. :-(

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Love it!

Just the right heat, with a hint of sweetness. I put it on everything.

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Family loves it

The sauce is loved by my whole family. ! We love it with fried fish or shrimp

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Good enough

Thank you for this complementary gift. It's a little too sweet for my liking, but not bad at all.

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Hot Sauce

The taste of the hot sauce and amazing. If you want a sweet and spicy hot taste then this is the route to take.

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Hot sauce

Thank you for the gift. We have not had the moment to try, but ingredients look wonderful

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Heee hawww

Definitely some kick ass sauce. It’s got a nice sweet taste at first then a straight kick in the mouth with the heat. Awesome stuff I’ve had it on chicken and steak, excellent !

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Kicked by a mule

My house is devour Texas Pete. This hot sauce didn't stand a chance in my kitchen. Sorry