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Spicy but very good!

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Great Hot Sauce

Got this hot sauce free with an order of stickers. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I’d have to say this is really good hot sauce. The heat doesn’t overwhelm the flavor. Love it.

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This stuff kicks ass!

100% pure grade A Colombian sauce. At this point, I’m slangin stickers to support my sauce habit. This stuff kicks ass!

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Pretty good

Not as hot as I was expecting but great flavor.

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Pretty good flavor

It definitely has a good flavor and good amount of heat. It’s a little on the sweet side for me (I usually can’t stand mixing sweet and spicy) but still pretty good.

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Duh...stickers and hot brainer!

Where else do you get one of the best taco and burrito toppings with your stickers? No Where! Mule Sauce is simply awesome!

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Im not really much into hot sauce but I tired it anyways as it was free with my last order. To me it wasn't as hot as I thought it would be. It was actually pretty mild and on the label it had I think three peppers highlighted? Hopefully this doesn't turn anyone off from trying it as it could just be me. lol

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Really enjoy this sauce

This sauce has a perfect amount of heat to it. Of course, that's based on my own level of heat tolerance, which is probably a little above average but I don't like heat just for heat. This is definitely a sweet sauce, with nice flavor. I like to put hot sauce on eggs. This is really tasty but almost too sweet for eggs. I can imagine this being a really good flavor of hot wings. I would buy a... Read more

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Mandatory Taco day when my stickers come in

Am I ordering for stickers or mule sauce? I don’t know now... schedule a taco day when your stickers come in, you won’t regret it. Good level of heat - not overpowering.

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Mule Sauce

It is similar to Frank's Hot Sauce at the grocery store. It carries some heat - so be ready for it. Perfect for hubby - little hot for me!