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This is def some ass kickin sauce! But not overwhelming. We use it on all kinds of food. This is my supper last night : pasta and broccoli steamer. And yes, the red you see on there is #MuleSauce.... #MuleMonday...Get yourself some todsy

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A Sweet Kick

Not as spicy as I thought it was going to be, had a good and sweet taste. Will definitely order more.

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Mule Sauce

Very Good flavor with a nice bite it will kick your ass

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My husband loves it!

My husband wants to buy more stickers now so he can get more mule sauce.

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Had a bit more kick (no pun intended) than i expected! Good flavor and nice spice!

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Awesome Sauce!

Nice slow burn! Used it in my chili and it was a hit!

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Very good. Not too spicy with a little sweetness. Doesn’t taste like sticker nor mule.

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Best Sauce Ever...Really!

I couldn't believe that a sticker company would make the best hot sauce ever, but you did. It's the perfect combination of spicy and sweet. We put it on everything! Awesome product!

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Why they make hot sauce, who knows?

I was a bit surprised to find that hot sauce was being given away with every order. When the order arrived, the shipping department thought the tape was also hot sauce and it ended up getting stashed in the kitchen! Once we opened everything up, we tried the hot sauce. Sweet, hot, and flavorful. Another fine product by Sticker Mule!

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good sauce

has a very fruity profile and not too vinegary. First bit is hot, but it does not build up on you. I had it on tortilla chips straight-up and liked it. Not too hot even after a dozen or more soaked chips. Tried it on Costco chicken too. I'll be finishing off my bottle and getting another.