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Super tasty with just the right amount of heat.

I'm not a huge heat guy. I can take some, but not a lot. This sauce is the perfect combination of heat and taste. Nice work!

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Not sure what I like better, the quality of my stickers or the hot sauce!! So much better than Franks!

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Delicious l! Sweet and spicy!

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We are obsessed... smoky, hot, tart & balanced. Great on eggs, rice, anything... (even adding to our Bloody Mary's!

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The sauce is an interesting add on but not the greatest in terms of flavor.

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It passed the Egg Test

I ordered this bottle of Mule Sauce because everybody was like "oh my gosh, Mule Sauce! let's create a Tik Tok dance in its honor" and also "this Mule Sauce is so good, have my babies please!" And I was like "if it's at least as good as Frank's, it will be worth the $8.00 in credit I spent because it was the last $8.00 in credit I had and you can only spend credit on orders of $30.00 or mor... Read more

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spicy but good!

For me it was too spicy, but my teenagers loved it!!!! Thanks for the great add-on.

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Flavorful, not just hot

It's a hot sauce for sure, but it does more than just burn your mouth. Super flavorful heat with a touch of sweet.

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From a Hot Sauce Aficionado

I don’t write reviews for the most part. In all honesty once I saw a Sticker Mule hot sauce I was super skeptical. To my surprise Sticker Mules’ hot sauce is really good. It’s very flavorful with the right amount of sweetness and heat. Usually hot sauces that use strong peppers are over powered by heat and lack flavor. I will be buying another bottle in the future.

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