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Everyone at Tennessee Tiny Weddings Love Mule Sauce

So we served up some Mule Sauce at our last event and everyone loved it.

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Flavorful with a spicy aftertaste

Got this at a special promo price. Now I wished I had bought more! This is an awesomely flavorful sauce that starts with some sweetness and then the heat sneaks up on you a little later. It isn't overwhelmingly hot even with some of the hottest peppers in it like habanero, scotch bonnet, etc. It seems to go well with just about anything!

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Tastiest Hot Sauce I have had in a long time

Don't let the color of Mule Sauce fool you, it has very deep and rich flavor profile. It starts with a great dose of flavor, and then the heat slowly builds behind it. The color may remind of numerous name brand red hot sauce, but this is not generic pepper powder suspended in vinegar. Mule sauce comes out of the bottle easily, but has enough meat of pepper left in the sauce for it to stick ... Read more

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I just think it's absolutely hilarious that a sticker company sold me hot sauce.

I love Sticker Mule's work and sense of humor. When they were selling me a special offer on their hot sauce it was too good not to get on a whim. The hilarity of the whole situation was definitely a 5/5. As for the actual sauce, it was pretty good. Not usually the type of hot sauce I personally enjoy; it seems like the more Tabasco-esque thin and vibrantly-red variety. I put it on some chick... Read more

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Pretty nice hot sauce. I love the mix of a little sweet and spicy. nice flavor!

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This Mule Sauce was Fantastic!

Not sure what I was expecting but gave it a try, and boy am I glad I did! This is very good hot sauce!

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Heat AND flavor!

I initially tried this sauce with the $1 promotion with low expectations, but after quickly finishing off the first bottle I had to buy another. The flavor is sweet and spicy, and the kick definitely builds as you go. I keep it on my side table and have been putting it on everything!

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Sweet and Spicy

I was pleasantly surprised by how delicious this was.

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Sweet Heat

Everyone on the Zing team thinks Mule Sauce tastes as good as Sticker Mule's stickers look

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One of my new favorites

I'll definitely be ordering another bottle as soon as this one runs out. Good spice. Great flavor. Honestly really good.