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LOVE IT!!!!!!

Has a great taste like slightly sweet and hot, but no to bother!

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A+ Sauce

Simply cannot get enough of this stuff. Such a perfect flavor with just the right amount of heat. Won a bottle randomly in a Twitter giveaway and am a life long convert now. So glad that I came across that contest as it has really changed my life. My latest kick with it is beef jerky. Marinate some thinly sliced top round beef (about a half bottle per pound) with some soy sauce, worcest... Read more

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This sauce is so good! It's amazing on regular Lays. I wish they would include a bottle/$100 spent. I can't wait for my new bottle, I just ran out.

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What do you put mule sauce on??

Just like they say for franks red hot commercial, I put this s**** on everything! No but really it's very tasty with the right amount of kick. Don't believe me? Try it out.

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We loved the mule sauce!

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Yummy Sauce came with my order to my surprise it was excellent!

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First of all I was pleasantly surprised to receive the Mule Sauce when my order came! Second the 4 out 5 alarm combined with the sweet flavor was amazing! I loved it and and within 3 days it was gone! I loved it on my eggs in the morning! Great flavor!!!

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I am a hot sauce connoisseur and this hot sauce was such a great surprise to get; I will be ordering more for sure when I run out, which will probably be soon…thanks!

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Mule sauce so good

I had to order another bottle I finished the first one so fast. I was honestly surprised. I really hope the owner isn't a Trump supporter because I wanna keep getting this sauce.

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Mule Sauce

Mule sauce is delicious!