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It's great. It's hot. My husband loved it.

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Nice kick to a average meal! Love it!!

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This stuff is the bomb!

One of the best hot sauces I've ever had--really! I've been putting it on everything.

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Great Sauce, with one question in mind.

First of all, the execution of the product was very well done! I anticipated being the butt of a joke and pay a dollar to get a 'sauce bottle' and in actuality receiving a STICKER of a bottle - but i got BOTH. It has a great flavor but I havent quite found the best meal to use it on - it's sweet yet spicy. Maybe ill make some mule wings next...

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Best hot sauce I have tasted. Adds flavor not just heat.

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A Spicy Tang

We didn't expect much from this but the sauce is sweet and packs a punch. My son and I are hooked.

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Not a hot sauce guy, but this stuff is great!

I’m not a super hot sauce guy, but I thought I’d try the stuff because why not? It’s really good. There’s a sweet tang to it and a nice kick. I’ll definitely get some more when I finish this bottle.

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Wait what, how is this one of the best sauces I've ever had

We all know the punch line: "wait, a hot sauce made by... A sticker company?" What I truly don't understand is how they could be so good at both stickers AND hot sauce. Must be really really passionate cuz this sauce is the bomb. Perfectly balanced, a little sweet, just the right amount of kick (I put like 10-15 drops in my dinner), and incredibly rich, deep flavors. You know I'm gonna need more.

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Best hot sauce I had in a while

Saw a tweet about getting this sauce for $1 and thought I try it. I wasn’t expecting much at all. To my surprise, this is the most delicious hot sauce I had. Just like the other company fraise, “I put this stick mule hot sauce on Everything”

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Not too hot, with nice flavor.