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Delicious Hot Sauce!

I am a hot pepper and hot sauce junkie and I love this sauce. It is spicy and a little sweet and goes with everything :-)

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Kick ass sauce

Call me crazy but it's reminiscent of sweet'n'sour sauce, but with a mule kick. Love it.

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Kickin sauce!

This is not a super hot sauce but the flavor is great. Some sauces are just heat with no flavor but the Mule is kickin' it up!

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Awesome Sauce

Wasn’t sure what to expect from a sticker company giving away hot sauce but I was pleasantly surprised! This is a really balanced sauce! Nice heat level, super flavorful. It’s always nice to find a sauce that showcases Scotch Bonnet peppers. Thanks Sticker Mule!!’

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Not bad!

Definitely a nice, sweet sauce with a kick. Better than I expected from a sticker company!

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Best sauce I ever had

Although first I think it’s quite unique to get a sauce sample with a sticker order, but after I tried it I figured out the sauce is probably their main product! The stickers are just by products!! It tastes so great and more important thing is it’s not burning your ass at all! That’s a miracle! Now I can enjoy as much as the sauce I can without worrying my ass!!

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Heat without undue pain

An excellent level of heat, without overpowering the sweetness and crisp flavor. Impressive legs, hints of nougat and cranberries with a slightly nutty aftertaste; unexpected, yet not unpleasant. One of the best vintages I've tried. I couldn't finish a whole glass, though.

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who doesn't love free hot sauce?!

Hot sauce from a sticker company doesn't sound that promising but I was wrong. every one at work loved it!

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Good Stuff

This is pretty good stuff. Added it to some salsa to give it a bit more kick.

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Way Too Sweet

I'm not a fan of cane sugar, brown sugar or molasses being added to hot sauce. Don't like my hot sauce sweet. If you make an unsweetened version I'd be all about it.