Small Light sticker

A review for Oval stickers by Terry Boike.

Small Light sticker

Great Sticker

Terry Boike

This is one of the easiest web site /company to use . Plus no compromises on price or quality . We build Underwater Green Fishing Lights so our sticker are place on the front of our control boxes which are put directly in the sun in most cases. This has to be one of the most challenging environments in the US if not the world the costal regions around the gulf of Mexico, Jamaica and Grand Caymans is nothing but hot steamy saltwater environment that can easily get over 120 degrees, three years later they look almost as good as when we put them on. This is extremely important for our business our sticker are more important then our business cards and count for at least 50% of our sales. I wished all of our suppliers worked as well as Sticker Mule.


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