CMLC LAX Stickers

A review for Oval stickers by ScopeDope.

CMLC LAX Stickers

Lacrosse Club Stickers


We run a youth lacrosse club in Colorado. Our demographic is about 3200 youth boys and girls. We have roughly a 10% adoption rate which is unheard of in our area.

We've determined that we need to build "critical mass" in our schools to gain more members. To do that we need to market and advertise to raise awareness. The 300+ stickers created with Sticker Mule helped us do exactly that.

On issue we have had for years is the image quality of an old logo that we have been using. We tried multiple times to order the stickers only to keep finding out the DPI of the logo is way less than the required 300. After some searching we found a way to increase the DPI of the image by using GIMP. Once we got that figured out it was easy sailing.

Our members love the stickers and they are very high quality. We're excited to see them on the backs of members vehicles.

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