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A review for Oval stickers by frederick filice.

How often are you PLEASANTLY surprised?

frederick filice

I took a gamble ordering from a company with which I was not familiar, but after being tempted by the prices then reassured by the customer support I got BEFORE I'd even ordered I went ahead. I'm on a shoestring budget...

WOW. Not only was the whole process faster than I could have ever expected (half the time of Vistaprint) but the product exceeded my expectations. Really. A lot of time I can do what my vendors do, I just don't have the time or doing it on a the small scale is not cost effective, but the materials they use are better than what I can get and the finished sticker is leaps and bounds better than what I could do myself.

The only hangup I had was with UPS, and we all know what that can be like.

I wish they would expand. I'd give them all my other office printing in a heartbeat.

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