Robot Design Recharge 2014 oval sticker

A review for Oval stickers by diane.

Robot Design Recharge 2014 oval sticker

excellent quality on a high res jpeg image


I created my sticker's image by hand drawing and then scanning the line work into the computer then colored it in Photoshop using some awesome brushes by Kyle Webster (google it). I was concerned because it wasn't a vector image but then I looked at the example stickers I ordered from StickerMule and saw one that was clearly not vector and it looked great. I am SO pleased with the order, I will definitely order from them again.

Another excellent reason to use stickermule again was their customer service when something was not exactly right. The stickers come shrink wrapped in packs of 50 and in a bubble wrap envelope (i only ordered 500 each of two different stickers). Well one of the packs of 50 oval stickers was creased quite a bit. I took a picture and they reprinted that stack plus another stack and rushed shipped them out to me. Talk about excellent customer service!

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