Oval stickers

A review for Oval stickers by Richard Stewart.

Same as my last, but spell checked!

Richard Stewart

First off, THE STICKERS WERE GREAT! Just as I knew they would be *due* to the fact that I've used Stickermule before. The only issue is with the way orders are charged. I basically ordered 100 stickers for my football helmets. The same logo 50 times facing two different ways. THE SAME PIC! Due to the fact that I needed the logo to go the other direction, I had to pay for 2 different orders,which means it costed me a lot more money! You were able to use one email communication to adjust both images, but yet they couldn't be combined into one "paying" order. I got a great product, shipping was great and on time, but a situation like this needs to be reviewed. Now I have to *copy* and paste this to my other, yet same, review. *Asterisks show corrected spelling from my original review*

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