Basset Queen

A review for Custom tape sample by Basset queen .

Basset Queen

This looks good

Basset queen

I have been to these guys several times for my company and I must say they definitely do great work they deafly care about their clients as they should and if you're unhappy they definitely make sure that they take care of it until you are happy and believe me I have put these guys through some work at times specially when it comes to my company as Basset Queen and how my logo needs to look for the puppies eyes so they do wonderful work I definitely will continue to recommend these guys

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Basset queen

Ty so much for all the stickers and everything that you guys have done for me for Basset Queen breeder as well as myself and my clients are very pleased and they most definitely put them in their windows or wherever else they may want them so thank you and I will definitely continue using you guys only for my company

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