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packaging lable

The printing is beautiful! I would give it a 5 star review, but I was expecting tape with self adhesive on the backing. These have adhesive on the backing, but require it to be moistened before applying the label to something. Maybe I didn't read in to what I was purchasing and maybe this is normal for this kind of product. Sticker Mule is still the best around!! Have an awesome day ... Read more

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Not sticky? Really? Tape that isn't sticky, isn't tape!

The "tape" looks great, but it's not "pre-sticky", it comes with a sponge that you have to wet and then wet the back of the "tape" before you use it. Honestly, who in their right mind is going to go through that level of trouble to apply "tape" like this? Just buy stickers instead. Sorry, I've appreciated every product I've purchased from Stickermule, but this "tape" is a major failure.

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Looks wonderful

Great work. Looks awesome. Highly recommend.

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Sieht super aus

Das ist richtig gute Qualität. So mag ich das. Definitiv empfehlenswert!

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Not overly happy!

I was not aware that you have to moisten the adhesive, not worth the time and effort!

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Not what I expected

This actually isnt tape. Not what we expected. This is more of a wallpaper type application. Wet it, then stick it.

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Simply the best.

Better than ALL the rest! I am glad to see that this order has continued the non-stop winning streak that stickermule has provided me.

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Pack your order with this Packing Tape !

This is the strong tape with the little threads in it. You could tape a mule to a camper with this stuff, drive cross country and it would hold strong. Enough said.

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At first, I was a little skeptical/disappointed that you have to use a sponge to "activate" the stickiness of the tape, but after having used it, this is 100% the right approach. The tape is easy to deal with before you need it (no giant roller to mount it on, so you just have to store a roll), and when you need it, you can pre-cut the lengths and then use the sponge on them individually when ... Read more

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Branded Sticket Tape- Perfect!!

Love this tape! Perfect for one of my clients.