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S&S Tape

Custom Packaging Tape- Longish Review

The quality is great. I've used gummed paper tape in the past before leaving my last place of employment to run my business full time. The best and most efficient way to use this tape is definitely with a paper tape machine (auto wets and cuts to length). This is how I've used it in the past and it is ideal. That said, this tape is perfectly strong and secure and if you're only shipping small quantities it really isn't that much of a pain to wet the tape by hand. My 4-star review is really more for if your brand does a simple logo or design on a white background. My brand is very minimalist and clean and so my logo is just black text on a white background which is what I used for my design. If I were to order again, I suppose I would swap the colors for a black background which is slightly off brand but the tapes with a solid, non-white background seem to look much better. All that said, it definitely gives you more of a professional edge with branding and packaging and the price point is not outrageous for branded tape. (Note: I purchased this roll at the promo price)

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