A review for Packaging tape by Elena .


Not quite as opaque as the packaging tape *used* by SM


I love how it looks - my design was a little complicated with lots of fine details so I absolutely expected that it not look exactly as drawn. However, I am a bit disappointed with how translucent it seems... it pales in comparison to how opaque the packing tape on the box the tape arrived in, is. It only looks like my fine details were printed on, despite handing over a file with a white background. :(

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After discussing this issue with the amazing customer service team at Sticker Mule, they offered to reprint my packing tape for free, if I provided a darker background for them to use! I'm blown away consistently by Sticker Mule staff, and really regret this review at this point...haha. I hope the FAQ answer including the transparency of the plain white backgrounds on the packing materials is up soon.

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