Friendly Tape

A review for Packaging tape by Scott Friend.

Friendly Tape

Amazing Quality, Not What I Expected

Scott Friend

First off, I LOVE the quality of this tape, it is amazingly strong, detailed, and did I mention strong? Seriously, one strip of this stuff across the top of a box would seal it for sure. The ONLY thing that throws me off about this is that it isn't standard packing tape in the sense that you need to manually wet the back of the strip of tape FIRST before you can apply it to your packaging. Maybe this is standard when dealing with custom tape like this, if it is I am sorry for even mentioning this, but it just seems like extra work to me. That said, I can't help but force myself to use it because of how awesome it looks. I know packaging and shipping isn't sexy, but it IS the first thing a customer physically has in their hands from you, so you know what they say about first impressions!

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