Custom Packaging Tape

A review for Packaging tape by Melissa Best.

Custom Packaging Tape

This isn't really packaging tape

Melissa Best

Our artwork looks great on the "tape," however it's not really tape if the tape isn't sticky, is it? It came with sponges and directions on how to wet the sponge and rub on the back of the tape to make it sticky. But it doesn't stick very well to the packages. The whole purpose of the tape was to tape boxes closed for shipping. But I'm not sure the tape will actually arrive with the box. I'm afraid it will come off.

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We love this tape and yes, it is really tape. This kind of tape does not come sticky and you have put water on the back and you need to make sure that you put enough water on it to really activate the glue. If you do it right, the tape is very sticky. We have never had any problems with this tape coming off during shipment and our boxes look awesome with it being customized with our logo.


Yea, you should be using a kraft tape dispenser that wets the tape as it dispenses and cuts it.

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