A review for Packaging tape by sonia rocha.


amazing quality, but READ THE DESCRIPTION!!!!!!

sonia rocha

this packaging tape is absolutely perfect and everything that I expected. uploading the artwork and reviewing the proof was easy, and my order arrived lightning fast. I will order again and again and again and again from this company.
For those saying it is not what they were expecting... what exactly WERE you expecting? It is disclosed right on the description that this is "reinforced gummed paper tape is water-activated." I'm not understanding what part of this could be confusing. Had anyone bothered to watch the video, you would clearly see they used a sponge in their demonstration to wet it. They even provide the sponge! So unless you want to spend big bucks on the large machine that is available to do the wetting and cutting of this type of packing tape (think huge companies like amazon using this type of machine, as they use this type of packaging tape), i don't see what everyone is complaining about. it takes an additional 20 seconds to package my items now, and I am ok with that in exchange for my packages looking great and branded.

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