Poly Mailers

A review for Poly mailers by 'Merica Clothing Co..

Poly Mailers

Questionable Perforation Poly Mailers

'Merica Clothing Co.

I love the feature of the perforated tabs BUT I am incredibly worried that they are too easy to tear. I can just imagine my packages being ruffed around through USPS and being ripped open easily in the process. For instance, while I've been stuffing my tees into these bags I cannot grab the bag by the top or else the perforation will begin to tear. I think an easy solution would be to space the holes a bit more to help with resistance. I'm not even taking a chance with the nightmare scenario of may packages being ripped open accidentally scenario and I've been taping over the perforated tab. For the price and quality of the print, this bag is great. Just wish I had a sense of security with the perforated tabs.

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I feel the same way. Possibly offer a bigger size as well. Mine actually opened when I tried to seal it.

Stickers FC

Same. I tore a bag recently, worried about the USPS tearing them apart when handling.

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