My Custom Bubble Mailer!

A review for Poly mailers by Christina Fontaine.

My Custom Bubble Mailer!

Great idea, could use some improvements

Christina Fontaine

I first and foremost want to say that sticker mule is by far my favorite packaging company. I've been using you guys for almost six months now and am always incredibly happy with your products.

This was the first time I tried ordering the polymailers. I was excited about them because I love the packaging that my orders always come in.

The product itself is decent, but I do have a few suggestions for future improvements that I'd like to share.

I'm sure this would take more work, but my biggest "complaint" about the product was that I really wanted it to be an image that covered the entire package, not just a square with a white border. I had to tweak my design a bit to accommodate that limitation. Perhaps adding color options in the future for the background as opposed to just white could be a start if you're not quite ready to accept full size images on the face of the mailer.

Another issue I came across, was that I had designed a front and a back image for the poly mailer, but sadly, I was only able to upload the front. My back design was simple, I mainly just wanted to put a "Thank you for your order" and continue the same design from the front, but was told you only offer single sided mailers at the time being. So in the future, I'd love to see you add a double sided option.

Lastly, the mailers are quite thin. There's no protective packaging or bubble wrap inside to ensure the products I'm mailing out can arrive to their destination safely. I'd in the future like to see something more similar to the mailers that my die cut stickers arrive in, because that's what I was expecting.

And finally, I'd also like a smaller mailer size option. I'm mainly mailing out small products like stickers and buttons, and even the smallest size you had listed on your site is probably too big for the orders I'll be fulfilling. Once again, if you offered a product similar to ones you use for mailing out stickers, I'd be much more happy.

Overall, I'm not entirely dissatisfied with the product. The image that was printed out is nice quality and was centered well. It was cool to see my art on a product like that, however, I'm not sure if in their current state I will be able to use the ones I ordered for my sales. I'm probably going to at the very least have to buy separate bubble mailer for safety.

At this point in time I don't think I will be reordering this particular product, but should you guys ever decide to add more features to your mailers, I'd love to give the new ones a test drive.

Like I said I really love your company and will continue to order my stickers and other products through you guys (please consider making enamel pins in the future!). I wish you the best of luck in continuing to improve your products and also wanna thank you for the amazing sales you've been having lately. I always recommend you to my friends.

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I was hoping there was a full image option as well. I don't care for the large white border. Makes me wish I had designed something that had a white background so that you couldn't tell there was a white border.

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