Wedding Thank You Packaging

A review for Poly mailers by Anonymous

Wedding Thank You Packaging

Colourful and detailed

We bought from the first generation/round of poly mailers when they first came out. The colour and design were wonderful. The stickiness on the seal was excellent. The only beef I had with the poly mailer was that when I pulled the protectant piece off of the glue or as I brought the flap down, the tear-away portion would start tearing away. This happened on maybe 10-20% of the packages, thus requiring extra tape. All of my packages arrived safely without damage or further tearing, including to NZ, S. Korea (the good Korea), Alabama, Nunavut, and Germany!

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Hi, can you tell me what size poly mailer you received? I can't seem to get my image to cover the majority of the mailer. There is a large white border space that I don't like. This looks AMAZING!!


Hey Yetta - It was the legal paper-sized one? There was less than a 1 cm boarder, but submit your image and they should fill it. For example, I submitted this art with the red background and the image was square. They extended the background to cover all the possible space. They're really great with proofs and will work with you until you're happy!

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