Rogue Republik Poly Mailer Design

A review for Poly mailers by Brian Bradford.

Rogue Republik Poly Mailer Design

Not very satisfied due to lack of good communication too rigid of an approval process

Brian Bradford

I use your company for stickers and am very impressed, however, I'm upset about the polymailer packaging because I've had several conversations with the team that I NEED to have that background art show through or I cannot sign off on the package. The most recent version of the package was sent to me for approval and I was able to clearly see the background art but when it arrived on my doorstep, the background was black. I have several conversations explaining why I needed to see the background art but in the end, I didn't get what I was requesting. And I do understand that printing looks different on the web versus final product, so in my attempts to rectify this I was very adamant that I need to see the background art. I would assume that someone on the other end would hear and understand my concern and assure me that the background art was showing through once printed. I don't understand why this breakdown happened, as I have a lot of respect for your company as a whole. Can this issue be taken care of, please?

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Brian Bradford

Hi Danielle, thanks for responding so quickly! I did send a photo comparison in the initial review. I showed a side by side comparison as to what I wanted versus what I got printed.

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