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A review for Poly mailers by John Zamora.

Geek Hustler Mailers

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John Zamora

My initial order was rather off-center, which is unusual for me, as StickerMule has offered quality service time and time again. Naturally, I brought it to their attention via email, expecting some sort of half-hearted apology at best. Most companies that offer printed services don't care if a design is off-center, as long as the coloring matches, or the design is intact. However, the good folks at StickerMule were reasonable, reassuring, and gracious enough to reprint my order (small mailers) on the house. Not only was this error corrected, but for this company to have it rushed to me has shown me how much they value their customers and service. I am happy to say that they'll always have my business, as long as they want it. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

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