Homebrew labels

A review for Rectangle roll labels by Anonymous

Homebrew labels

Beer labels

Not as excited about the labels as I was about my stickers. The color didn't turn out as good as my stickers did. Also I was confused by the proof I was given thinking that the white background they gave it was supposed to simulate what they would look like on the roll. Looking back I dont know why I would think this. I guess the proof they gave me for my stickers were much different that I just assumed that label proofs looked that way. I guess they didn't want to distort my image by scaling it. This was mostly my fault, I should've questioned it. What I wanted was the picture to be the entire label, not with a background of white. I approved it so I guess thats on me. I probably won't order labels again until custom sizes are an option, That way I know the label will be the size I designed and there won't be any room for error in the proofing process.

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