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A review for Rectangle stickers by Michael N Robinson.

tool tags

Stickers that don't stick

Michael N Robinson

Time it took to deliver? Great. True to the file I sent? Absolutely. Priced well? Yes. But there are several big problems with these stickers. One is that it's impossible to get the stickers off their backing, like trying to find the beginning of a roll of packing tape, you bend the sticker back and forth and try to get the beginning with your nail but it doesn't come. I'm done after ten stickers, it's just too frustrating and my time is too precious. But the big problem with these things is THAT THEY DON'T STICK. There's no adhesive. I put them on a clean piece of aluminum, rub it down, and I can pick it back up with my fingernail no problem. I wish the stickers came off their backing as easily as they come off what they're stuck to.

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