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A review for Rectangle stickers by Kat.

Sticker collage

Thanks Sticker Mule for the amazing customer service and reprint!


EDIT: My initial review stated that the stickers were a little darker than expected and there were some nicks on the stickers and the plastic wrap had torn inside, causing noticeable damage on them. But I just received my reprint and the stickers were looking better, and to add to that, they even put doubled up the plastic wrap inside to protect the stickers more! Thanks guys! Looking forward to ordering more stickers in the future.

The stickers towards the top of the pile and the edges had some obvious nicks to it and the plastic wrap had ripped inside. Also the printing was much, much darker than I wanted it to appear that I can't see important details... I really want to like it more, but I have people who have ordered these stickers from me. Quick shipping though, and I appreciate it.

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Kalie Bishop (Sticker Mule)

Oh no! We will reach out via email to get this resolved as quickly as possible!

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