NJ is for Masochists

A review for Rectangle stickers by Scott Wilson.

NJ is for Masochists

Why didn't we meet years ago?

Scott Wilson

I designed and started to print this bumper sticker at a local offset printer – on paper – in 1977! My sales inventory ran out, I got involved in other aspects of my life, and set this project aside for . . . well, now it's been decades. I recently found a long-forgotten stack of these stickers in storage, and thought about how to produce a new version in vinyl, that would last perhaps several years, instead of several weeks on paper. My son, also a designer, told me about Sticker Mule, and about how easy and quick dealing with them was, and then the printing quality was magnificent, especially for the price point. Once I made the decision to finally do my reprint, I retracing and re-tweaking my design in Adobe Illustrator, and I had finished stickers in my hands in 4 or 5 days, without any rush shipping or other "oh, by the way . . ." charges. Thank you, Mule! I'm stickering with you, from now on.

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