Vote Libertarian bumper sticker

A review for Rectangle stickers by Doug Larsen.

Vote Libertarian bumper sticker

A good first experience

Doug Larsen

I've never ordered stickers of any kind before. Sticker Mule seems top notch. I like the look and feel of the material. I'm confident that the colors won't fade noticeably for a long time, if ever.

The only "sticky" detail worth mentioning is pretty minor: no multi-section back to peel off: that makes putting the sticker on kind of annoying, because you have to find the edge and start to peel the one-piece back off while lining the sticker up straight, and trying to keep your fingers off the sticky surface; the one-piece back makes bubbles unavoidable (poking teensy holes with the end of a pin and pushing the air out works; but as I said, annoying).

But once it's on, it's ON. Hopefully I'll be able to peel it off when I need to.

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