Nick's Drawings Business Card!

A review for Rectangle stickers by Nicholas A Kakanis.

Nick's Drawings Business Card!

Makes a perfect and unforgettable business card!

Nicholas A Kakanis

After one particular art festival, I found several of my business cards on the ground. I didn't take it personal because I also found everyone else's, too. Business cards are just pesky and hard to hang on to. So I decided to come up with a unique design that could double as a sticker! That way people are more interested in them, plus it doubles as an advertisement for my sticker packs (also printed by Sticker Mule). Sticker Mule's high quality matte printing is perfect for a memorable card that people can't help but hang on to. Plus, if they attach it to a laptop or water bottle, they'll be staring at your card forever - and that's just good advertising! I highly recommend using Sticker Mule's rectangle stickers as business cards.

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