GITS stickers

A review for Rectangle stickers by Hal.

GITS stickers

Excellent service, good stickers — but not perfect


I had my correspondence returned in less than ten minutes, and my stickers shipped much earlier than the projected date. Ultimate though I was just a little disappointed with the sticker quality. The pixel density of my image (4500×2250 on a 3″×1.5″ sticker) should have been high enough (I’m not sure if they’ll take vectors or if it makes a difference), and they’re in black and white; but the image is a little bit grainy and blurry. I suspect the coating that makes these stickers so durable was deleterious to the final result, and its thickness caused imprints to collect in shipping, though these can be 99% fixed with a good rub. My image was fairly detailed and contained lots of small text — if yours is simpler, like the Google Chrome sticker I got in a sample pack (a great deal), this service might be perfect for you. I think a transfer sticker might have been a better candidate for the image I used. The pricing is very competitive, so cheers to StickerMule regardless.

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