Lip Balm Stickers

A review for Rectangle stickers by Jacob Bermudez.

Lip Balm Stickers

Fast Delivery.

Jacob Bermudez

I ordered labels through the emailing Sticker Mule and I was very excited to receive them in the mail in only about 4 days after finalizing the request. Although, instead of labels, I had received stickers which wasn't too big a deal. The stickers had a matte finish and looked very durable. The only problem I had with the quality of the printing was that a some of the smaller letters on my design looked a little pixelated. My sticker was 1.7 by 1.0 inches, therefore that could of had some play in why it looked a little pixelated, as my sticker was extremely small. I would definitely order from them again but before I finalize my request, I will clarify whether I want labels or stickers and the quality of the proof is exactly how I want it. Overall, pretty satisfied with Sticker Mule's process.

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