RESIST stickers

A review for Rectangle stickers by artbymags.

RESIST stickers

fast replacement of messed up stickers


these have been my most popular stickers ever. i've reordered several times - i just can't keep them in stock! on the last reorder, i had a problem with one of the 50-count stacks within the larger order having some pock marks and spots on the black area of the design. it looked like there had been some kind of problem with the machinery when making the stickers and it had affected the entire stack. (which has never happened before - the quality is usually perfect!) when i wrote to stickermule to let them know and sent them a picture, they immediately initiated a replacement order and even threw in 20 extra stickers! the replacements arrived within days and looked great. this is what great customer service looks like. mistakes happen and quality control can't always catch all the errors. but keeping your steady customers happy is what good business is all about.

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