Mouth to South: SQRTON

A review for Rectangle stickers by Chad Edge.

Mouth to South: SQRTON

More, so much more, than I could have expected

Chad Edge

This is my second order (a reorder) of this sticker. I grossly underestimated the popularity of the sticker (largely due to not knowing how stoked people would be on the quality and resilience).

I thought I ordered just 200 stickers. Imagine my surprise when the bag was overflowing to the max with stacks of my beloved monstrosity.

Delivery time was super-impressive, the quality is once again perfect, and I'm just left thinking "did these rockstars throw in some extras?"

I'm not going to count the stickers - I'm going to believe in my heart that there were some bonus stickers and that'll just make me love you all the more.

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